WhatsApp Groups Between Client & Dechcept:
1. Our Official working hours are 11 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Friday, so responses will be managed accordingly
2. Changes if any, please mention them all at once in a single message
3. Any unplanned or sudden work will take at least 24-48 hours for an output. Ex: Un-informed Festivals posts or just a random thing to be posted.
4. Photos & Content to be used in Communication and posters to be emailed at email@dechcept.com for Quality and accuracy.
5. We will acknowledge all the communication with "Noted" and ask for details if needed to move further as "Need more Details". We would expect the same from your end, for a smooth working process, and on-time delivery.
6. One point of contact always helps, from our team there will be a person assigned to you from Day one.

Email Communication:
1. You can email us at email@dechcept.com for sending a Document, quality image or communicating something important for day to day work
2. For payments & billing-related concerns please email us at payments@dechcept.com

Data Privacy:
1. Dechcept will never share any data with anyone at any cost. All the data is secured and protected.

Digital Branding:
1. We would require your Logo in .png or .psd/.ai formats
2. We will create your Ad account, and use that for ads. However, our ads management amount will be charged separately.
3. We need one person from your side who can be the contact person for all queries and the other works so that no one is disturbed randomly on both of the sides.
4. Any extra work or multiple revisions will be charged separately if goes out of the finalized scope of work.
5. Anything on an urgent basis will not be entertained. Every information once shared will take at least 24-48 hours to ensure quality work delivery
6. First week post confirmation would be the Onboarding Process. We would introduce you to the team, explain our creative process and strategize. This is to ensure a smooth transition for a long term business association.
7.We would not be responsible for any changes made on your social media platforms beyond our knowledge.

Website & App Development:
1. Domain, Business Email & Server is not included with any the package
2. We need one person from your side who can be the contact person for all queries and the other works so that no one is disturbed randomly on both of the sides
3. SSL certificate will be provided only when the hosting is ours
4. Extra features or multiple revisions will be done only after the completion of the project and charged separately if it is out of the scope of work.
5. The remaining payment should be completed within 30 days of project started or on completion of project whichever is earlier.
6. Dechcept will only start work after receiving all details.
7. If the Server or Domain is taken by the client Dechceot is not responsible for its management or renewal updates
8. Content and images to be uploaded on the website should be shared by the Client.
9. Teaching how to manage an admin panel can happen only once on anydesk or at Dechcept office.
10. We are not providing any code or admin panel access unless the service agreement is signed for the same before the start of the work
11. The cost of the server will vary depending on the Capacity and user traffic

1. UPC related issues by the client, if you are a dealer.
2. Email id to be created by us as you can assign us.
3. Photoshoot should be done. Or If you have catalog we can make appropriate images:
Our Charges: Per SKU 20- 3000/-
                                    50- 5000/-
                                    100- 10000/-
4. Trademark should be there in correct class
5. Documents & Details should be received first then we start the process of registering on a portal.
6. Photos & Details of products required before work starts.
7. If we add a platform - INR 3000/-
8. One point of contact, from your office.
9. B2C- Amazon, Flipkar, Paytm Mall and Myntra( only help & guidance)
10. Mention Pickup Address and Registration Address (Same and which has supporting address proof)