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Having doubts & Need Consulting!!

Having doubts & Need Consulting!! We would love to help you in solving your valuable queries.


Do you work with non-profit organizations?

YES/NO. We(don’t) work with non-profit organizations, including counties and municipalities. As long as we are a good fit in terms of skills and expertise we are happy to work with any legitimate organization. In fact, several of our largest and most complex engagements have been with non-profit organizations.

What types of consulting services do you provide?

1 ) Company’s Registrations

2) Trademark

3) GST filing

I need help but have a very limited budget. Can you help me?

Everything we do is tailored to each client’s individual situation. If you tell us your budget, as long as it is reasonable, we can work with it. Our focus is on delivering HIGH VALUE to clients, NOT low prices. Note that we now offer business coaching services to startups and early stage businesses.

Do you provide client references?

We are happy to provide client references to serious prospects once we have held initial discussions and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.

My company has very proprietary information, which I do not want to leak out. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?

Once we have determined that there is a good match between your needs and Ground Floor Partners’ capabilities, we can send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information. And, if you become a client of Ground Floor Partners, our standard contract provides ample protection that covers most circumstances.

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